Another Batch of Festivals!

And with this, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached 20 festival participations! Thanks to everyone that made this possible!

Vadim in Spanish

Vadim is also available as a Spanish subtitled version! This version has had its first screening yesterday at the Cryptshow festival in Badalona, Spain. And yesterday we also heard that we were accepted to the Macabro festival in Mexico City! We are very proud to be part of that festival, it is already running for the 11th year!


Finally! Not only is “Vadim” completely finished, we are also already accepted to three film festivals!

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival (USA), LA Fear and Fantasy Festival (USA), Snake Alley Festival of Film (USA)

Find out more about the screenings on the screenings page!

Also, “Vadim” team members and Vienna residents, look out for our soon-to-come, everyone-is-invited team premiere that we will organise within the next few weeks (hopefully). :-)